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April 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

Curry County 4H Surfrider Foundation Surf Club receives Innovation Award

“As Program Coordinator for the Curry County 4H
Program Michelle Carrillo is proud to announce that

the 4H Surfrider Outdoor Stewardship
Program in Curry County is the 2013 award
winner at the State level for the Denise Miller
National 4-H Innovator Award.

This award recognizes the innovations of 4-H educators in
honor of the timeless contributions of former

Council associate, Denise Miller. As the director of
communication and marketing at National 4H
Council, Denise Miller worked diligently to promote the fresh and innovative work of 4H. An
innovator herself, Denise encouraged staff to tap
their creative thinking to continually “make the
best better” for all 4H programs. She gave
tirelessly of her energy and expertise to 4H until
her untimely death in 1991. As a memorial
tribute to Denise, her family and friends have
created the Denise Miller National 4H Innovator
Award to continue the work to which she was so

Michelle’s outlook is we don’t have to reinvent the
wheel but we do need to think outside the box
and look at what resources we already have and
how we can use them in a new way. By either
bringing youth to the coast that have never had
the opportunity or by starting up year around
clubs, the 4H Surfrider Outdoor Stewardship
program has been an avenue for making change.
The recognition for this program must be given to
the volunteers who made it happen and had the
courage to try. Dave Lacey, who is part of the
Surfrider organization focusing on marine
stewardship and preservation, is the key person
in all of this. Dave’s expertise and willingness to
stick with the program and keep the kids motivated

has made our program what it is today.

One of her first ever stand up rides

The program started with one summer surf camp
that he ran, reaching 10 new youth. The next
year we expanded the program to reach even
more youth in the County. Dave hosted four
camps in 2011, 3 for local youth and one for
Jackson County Youth. That year we were able to
reach over 60 new youth and the overwhelming
response was that campers wanted a year around
At the beginning of 2012 Dave formed the first 4-
H surf club now known as the Tsunami
Surfers. Soon to follow was a Brookings club led
by Carlton Strom. We now have over 40 active
club members all participating in the stewardship
program, completing projects, monitoring for
NOAA and cleaning up our rivers, streams and
We also partnered with Del-Norte County at the
end of the summer of 2012 to help generate
interest and start a surf program in their county.
That same year another 4-H surf club started up
in Newport.
Dave’s willingness to jump in and try something
new along with his experience, knowledge and
ability to administer safe, but challenging camps
for youth in the Curry County 4-H program is
gaining recognition at the national level. The
long term impacts for this program are yet to be
seen, but in the 4 years that we have been
operating the outcome has been extremely
On behalf of the 4-H Association and Oregon
State University Extension Service I would like to
say THANK YOU DAVE LACEY, for your creative
approach to outdoor education and your never
waning passion for educating others about our
beautiful coastline.”

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  1. Greg Ryder says:

    Congratulations Dave and all those involved!